Friday, 26 August 2011

Building to future

After many, many (too many many's actually) years of making do with trays on laps and collapsible tables, and yes they do when you least expect it! I'm about to get my own studio!!!! Shovels have made contact with soil and soon the alchemy of sand, water and cement will begin. Too excited for words. Once that's up and worktops etc are in, and weeks of moving craft "stuff" out to the Studio (how posh does that sound) miniature work can begin. Lists are being written for future projects.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A new beginning

Welcome, welcome. If you have stumbled in the direction of the Spence welcome, come in sit down and have a cup of tea. Biscuit? Come join me in my miniature world of dolls houses, small people, dragons, wizards, steampunk, medieval and fantasy. What I make, is what I fancy doing at the time.

The thinking behind this blog, who thought of the word "blog"? Shoulded it be bio as in biography? Anyway. I thought I'd invite you to join me as I make my miniatures, develop ideas and building dolls houses.

You're probably wondering where the title of this blog came from. Spence you see is the Cornish (yes I am and very proud of the fact!!) for the cupboard under the stairs. The place where most people keep their junk and vacuum cleaner, and where Harry Potter lives in the Muggle world! I'm trying to convert the world to use Spence instead of "the cupboard under the stairs".

So pull up a chair and again welcome.