Monday, 26 December 2011

Where did the time go??

Well it's Boxing Day here in Cornwall (and in most other places too, so I'm told!). So I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with the ones you love.

The studio is coming along nicely, no electric yet. Hopefully between visitors today we can lay the flooring, after moving all the junk that has "bred" out there. But I can see an end in sight. Then the move in can begins. Oooh stress! Filing cabinets full to the brim, and as we all know filing drawers don't go all the wall to the back, so every one has to come out and moved separately. Couldn't happen soon enough really, we can hardly walk across the lounge for boxes and bags of craft supplies.

More relatives have just arrived, so I'll see you all again soon, well sooner than two months!! Oh, happy New Year. xx